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Microbus and Trailer Rental

Rental of vehicles (without driver)

An ecological and convenient way of travelling

Ten Microbuses (9 seats) are available for rent (without driver) during the following periods:

  • Weekends (From 6:30 pm on Friday to 0:00 am on Sunday).
  • School holidays and public holidays.
Transport  Midi-Pyrénées

Trailer rental for coaches

Storage capacity

Number of bicycles that can be fixed on the racks and transported safely: 25.

Maximum number of bicycles that can be transported, bearing in mind that some of them can be fixed on the racks while the others can be carried free-standing: 30  (risk of slight damage, scratches on paintwork, etc.).

15 m3 of luggage or equipment capacity (useful capacity without volume occupied by bicycle racks).

Transport  Midi-Pyrénées
Transport  Midi-Pyrénées

Your vehicle must be equipped with

  • a COMPACT 40 from CARSPEED

Other equipment provided

  • Spare tyre
  • Tie-down straps



Brand: CARSPEED. M235RITRH VB2. 19 m³

Exterior dimensions:

  • Length: 325 cm / Width: 250 cm / Height: 261 cm

Overall dimensions:

  • Total height (on the ground): 335 cm
  • Total length (including arrow): 470 cm


  • Empty weight: 1480 kg
  • Loaded mass: 3500 kg

Floor area: 11.75 m²

Useful volume (excluding bicycle racks):

  • 15 m³ of storage space (internal dimensions: Length 308 cm / Width: 213 cm / Height: 243 cm)

Tyre size:

215 / 75 R16 C

Rental of v.L trailers.

You will need space to accommodate luggage or equipment during your trips. At Transports Maury, we have trailers available for rent.

The driver must hold the following driving licence

  • B: if the towing vehicle has a GVWR (F2) lower or equal to 2300 kg.
  • B96: if the towing vehicle has a GVWR (F2) higher than 2300 kg and less than or equal to 3050 kg.
  • BE: if the towing vehicle has a GVWR (F2) higher than 3050 kg.
Transport  Midi-Pyrénées

The above rule is only valid if “F3: the maximum permissible laden mass of the whole vehicle in service” of the towing vehicle is higher than or equal to the sum of the GVWR (F2) of the towing vehicle.

Transport  Midi-Pyrénées

Trailer characteristics

Volume, mass and weight:

Permissible laden mass (F2): 1200 kg

Empty weight: 500 kg

Useful volume: 4.70 m³

Interior dimensions:

  • Length: 247 cm
  • Width: 126 cm
  • Height: 151 cm
Transport  Midi-Pyrénées


Trailer compliant with the latest industry standards

  • Double axles
  • Robustness (chassis and undercarriage)
  • Reliability of components (axles, bearings, drawbar, etc.)
  • Perfect and incredible vehicle handling
  • Stability and manoeuvrability
  • Spare tyre.
  • Key lock and anti-theft device for hitches

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