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Our Minicars

Autocar Castres

Iveco/indcar wing

Transports MAURY presents this 28-seat minicar-plus-driver for its comfortable feature. Also, you will find more details at the bottom of the page 'Our Touring Vehicles', section 'Wing’. You will find other pictures there too, including the interior.

Minicars of various capacities to meet your needs

Our other 'minicars' (or minibuses) have between 16 and 28 seats (plus driver).

  • A Renaud Master that can carry up to 16 passengers;
  • A Mercedes Sprinter that can accommodate up to 19 passengers;
  • An Iveco Daily which has a capacity of 22 passengers;
  • A Car-Bus Corvi which also has a capacity of up to 22 passengers; and
  • Iveco Wing shown above, 28 passengers.
  • Note: to all these capacities is added the driver, who is not included in the above counts.

All seats are of course equipped with seat belts.


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